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The reason you should buy insurance when coming to America
 The reason you should buy insurance when coming to America
Culture and behavior in restaurant in US
 Culture and behavior in restaurant in US
Learn about the culture of communication in US
 Learn about the culture of communication in US
American culture and customs make any difference?
 In the US, the independence and autonomy has always been the priority. You may be surprised to know that most American students get to choose their own course, these particular subjects, self-planning their future rather than listen to the disposition of other ...
7 surprising things about America
 America is a country with many immigrants in the world, as well as countries with long immigration history. World Cultures in the US are mixed. However, the culture of this country still has the distinctive characteristics make a country full of "American ...
Eating custom of the America
 As a multi-ethnic country, American cuisine often very diverse and the taste are also different. The food appeared in daily meals like hamburgers, hot dogs, buns with filling, KFC fast food are popular worldwide
The ethnic diversity Christmas in the United States
 America is considered as home to diverse cultures and traditions, so it's hard to talk about one typical particular Christmas in American. The activities in this festival will depend on the cultural traditions of each family. Christmas celebrations in America ...
American New Year tradition
As a multi-ethnic country, the majority of the population is immigrants, so in the new year festival in the US, there are many different cultural nuances. However there is a common feature which is most people usually pour into the street and dance all night to welcome ...
A typical American
The United States is the most populous and ethnically diverse country. It is difficult to describe a typical American. With the features listed below, you remember that American society is made up of people from many countries with diverse cultural and racial, social ...
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