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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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Boiling water freezes in a split in the US
 Boiling water freezes in a split in the US
12 years after the attacks 11-9, the Americans lost more freedom
 12 years after the attacks 11-9, the Americans lost more freedom
America's richest 400 people have assets in GDP of Russia
 America's richest 400 people have assets in GDP of Russia
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Profile secret atomic bomb almost flattened America
  If not for a small mistake in the circuit of the atomic bomb, perhaps the US has been "wiped out" by it suddenly "fell" from the sky. This fact has been hidden for more than half a century until the Guardian published on page confidential ...
Beckham family are grateful to US
 With 5 years of growing up in America, the home of David Beckham has affected a lot of lifestyle in this country. And the love of the home boy Becks for American culture has become quite deeply.
Leading criminal lawyer in US
 Calmness and ability to transform "oner", attorney Dennis J. Cogan genius is always "shield" protecting clients and devote ourselves to seek justice.
 America is stuck in snow 25cm thick
 America is stuck in snow 25cm thick
Revealed shocking death of 'sex symbol' Marilyn Monroe
 Two veteran US reporter recently has left many shocked to reveal the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe was brother former US President Kennedy assassination
American public opinion about her rampaging teacher shot dead shocking
 On 17/8, for a 9 year old girl accidentally shot dead by firing coach with an Uzi submachine gun has aroused fierce controversy wave in American public opinion about children using guns in this country.
13 years after the events of 11/9: America is still not safe
 Today (11/9), 13-year anniversary of the incident a terrorist attack in the US 11/9
American panorama submerged in snow
 Raging blizzard that New York and many other states to flooding in more than 80 cm of snow. At least 10 people were killed when the snow storm swept the northeastern United States. Forecasts, the situation continues to deteriorate in today.
America is at risk for terrorist attacks IS
 US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned Islamic State forces (IS) will attack against Memphis and Arkansas Bridge spanning the Mississippi River in the US, Reuters quoted FBI spokesman
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